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End of the weekend

Unlike a lot of people, I was lucky enough to have a four day weekend for Easter.  This was fantastic, and probably what I needed - enough of a break from my normal day-to-day that it really felt like a break.  I was able to get out to the country and see a rapid greening over a couple of days, including a brief period of the life of the snowdrops on the front garden (that are now wilted).  I was able to hear spring peepers, chorus frogs, American toads and wood frogs calling in the wet bits and swamps around the countryside, and I managed to get a long distance shot of a wood frog sitting in a puddle on the side of the neighbour's field, just quacking away.  Wood frogs make bubbly quacking noises.

The buds broke on the lilac, the daffodils are up, and the irises are peeking out of the garden.  Even the lawn was getting greener by the minute.  The Japanese beetles (misnamed ladybugs) are waking up and getting into things.  And, for goodness sakes, we saw flocks and flocks of geese honking their way across the fields and the sky.  One flock was flying so low we were encouraging them to get some lift, so they wouldn't be crashing through the tops of the trees.  Geese aren't known for their ability to perch!

On the way back to town, I had to stop on the highway because a gang of wild turkeys were crossing.  What tipped me off was a large bird with a spindly neck in my lane.  I pulled over to watch them run off over the field, somewhat a la Road Runner.  Once I got to town, so many flowering bushes and front gardens are full of the early early season flowers - little dog violets, crocuses, snowdrops...

I even managed a late day run in a tank top and capri pants.  The beach parking lot is open.

And all of this is ridiculously early.  I think we'll take it, but if I hear someone complaining this week about it raining...  oooh.  We definitely need the rain.  One of the fields I drove past was already turned, and it was completely dry.  People were burning things despite the burning ban that's on right now - I could see one grass-fed fire from at least a concession over (out in the country, we don't have "lawn clippings pickup" - if it isn't just left on the lawn as fertilizer, it's raked over to the burning pile).

But reality will set in at about 6am when my alarm goes off.  I'll get to speak with S again tomorrow, and see when we're going to get together this week.  I'll have to follow up on all the myriad emails and tasks, including one that was driving me bananas last week.  And I'll have to do my errands for all the things I couldn't access over the weekend, since certain places also had four-day weekends.

But I'll try to keep the feeling of the four-day weekend of fresh air, lovely breezes, bright sunshine and greening plants, if only for the first few minutes of my day tomorrow.
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