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Someone's having a bad night

 Getting ready for bed and I overhear someone crying. Such a sad sound. I'm sure my neighbours have heard the same from me, especially given my last few years. I hope she's okay and just sad. I hope that it isn't that something has happened.

It's funny. I kind of wanted to know who it was. Which neighbour is having the bad night? The girl in the basement with the guy who was fiddling with the cable box, clearly stealing from someone(not me, I don't have cable)? Or is it the lady next door, separated and enjoying her freedom? Maybe one of the ladies upstairs. The mother whose son just moved out or the roommate with the two beagles? Or was it the girlfriend of the other fellow downstairs? They seem like such nice people. But the main reason why I wondered was that I had the impulse to go comfort them. A natural impulse, perhaps. Someone is distraught, so comfort them. Especially if it's happening in your own den.

Anyway, I won't find out. It's far too late and I promised myself that I would actually get to sleep before midnight tonight, which is clearly not happening. Bonne nuit a tous et toutes. J'espere, en tout cas...
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